Sri Lankan brothers become youngest ever app developers

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A pair of Sri Lankan brothers aged just 9 and 12 have made history – as the youngest siblings ever to become app developers.

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Mihil and Ruvin Suriyappreuma have published two apps on the Google Play Store under the brand “RAMPS” (Ruvin And Mihil – Play Smart). CoolTimes is a multiplication app described as “A fun way of learning multiplication for kids”, whilst FamilyPhoto is a photo album app.

The brothers, who both study at Gateway College in Colombo have also published an app specifically for their schoolmates.  All three apps are free to download.

According to the Daily FT, the previous youngest developers were a pair of brothers aged 10 and 12 who produced one IOS app for Apple devices.  That makes Mihil and Ruvin the youngest yet, and it is certainly a bright sign for Sri Lanka’s future in the tech business – and a very cute story.  Although two young men who already seem to have pretty clear ideas about life probably wouldn’t want it described like that.

Download CoolTimes here.

Download FamilyPhoto here.