What happened in Aluthgama, a verified account

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Updates: For more updated accounts of the violence in Aluthgama see :  After three days of tensions, calm sets over Aluthgama


Tensions flared up in Aluthgama, leaving 80 people injured with at least seven people admitted to hospital with gunshot wounds. Three people have died according to Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem. This is a rundown of what happened, gathered from social content and mainstream news reports.

    • Tensions broke out last week in Aluthgama, after reports of a Muslim man allegedly attacking a monk and several others. Tear gas was used to control protests. Three were arrested. A vehicle of a minister, Kumara Welgama, who visited the area was also attacked.
    • Extremist group Bodu Bala Sena held a rally in Aluthgama on Sunday. Its leader, Galagodaaththe Gnanasara, questioned the heavy police presence in the area. “This country still has a Sinhalese Police, this country still has a Sinhalese Army. It will be the end of all [Muslims] if a Muslim at least lays a finger on a Sinhalese,” he said.



For continued coverage of this story see   Aftermath of  Sunday’s Violence in Aluthgama

Editor’s Note: Whilst there is a no media blackout as yet, the amount of information flowing through the newspapers and television channels seem to be limited. We took the picture from BBC Sandeshaya. An earlier version of this story linked to Muslim families finding communal safety. This was subsequently removed due to difficulties in ascertaining the authenticity of the photo.

  • Sinhala Buddhist Girl

    Why Why are we doing this? as a Sinhala Buddhist I am sick to my stomach. This is not who we are. Why r we letting some radical political henchmen string us around like puppets?

    • jo

      True! I couldn’t have agreed more! Why do people find it so hard to live together? I live in a hostel and my roommate is a Buddhist but I’m a muslim! But we share so much of laugher together! This is pathetic! :/

    • Amarasiri

      @Sinhala Buddhist Girl

      “as a Sinhala Buddhist I am sick to my stomach.”

      A Sinhala “Buddhist” is not a “Buddhist”. They follow Monk Mahanama Maraism.

      The Sinhala are Paras, and called Para-Sinhala i

      • Sri Lanka fails humanity


        stop diverging from the main point of her post you dim witted, thick headed, dense idiot.
        does technicalities really matter here? No.

  • manoj

    How could we behave like barbarians..
    We r no difference from tigers now. Thank u yanasara for betraying our county.. I believe u can sleep now well..

    • dsds

      @manoj why are you using a sinhala name yet cant spell gnanasara ?

      • QQ

        @dsds manoj isn’t a sinhala name.

      • Riyas

        @dsds oh you how to spell sinhala in english, you should start a school so we can all attend

        • Srilankan

          Its not about spelling a name right. What has been done by the BBS is giving amunition for the international community to interfear in our internal affirs. Very soon the UN will want an inquiry into the violation of Human rights of all minorities. And on that day we will not have the Muslim countries that supported us at the UN. “Lord forgive them for they have sinned”

          • Riyas

            Srilankan so your only concern is that the international community is getting ammunition? and not that innocent people are being terrorised?

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  • christwilliams

    Whoever disrupts peace should shot to death.

    No matter whatever the religion he/she is.

    Gnanasara need’s to be punished, President Mahinda Rajapakse should take severe action and forsee this doesn’t happen again, or else NATO will Oust the government and so called freewill will rule.

    God Bless Sri Lanka

  • Samantha235

    I know our monks are have lust then they need some and they
    Get a stone and scratchthere -•••••••••

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  • sriyani

    International community is trying to take advantage of this situation .Why don’t they look at Iraq where they kill thousands innocent people  they created the problems in Iraq Libiya and Siriya they are trying to do the same here  All Sri Lankans beware if you love your motherland do  not  listen  or spread rumours  look after  the   innocent Muslims of your neighborhood show them that you care  let us be united we have to fight with the outside forces not inside forces

    • christwilliams

      I absolutely agree, these are problems created by an external force, but the only way to get against this, is if we appoint someone else as the head of state, I wouldn’t even mind Ranil who is a 100% times better.
      Please be united and support our fellow Buddhists and Muslims and stop making racial tension.