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The Republic Square | Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Prince Charles confirms CHOGM visit

16 October 2013 AT 11:52 LK TIME.

The British High Commission has confirmed that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cambridge will visit Sri Lanka for next month’s Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.  The couple will be in the country from November 14th-16th, with Charles representing his mother the Queen at the summit.

Prince Charles

The failure of the Queen to attend CHOGM is seen as a tacit criticism of Sri Lanka’s human rights record, despite official comments that it was solely because of a rethink of Her Majesty’s long haul travel arrangements.  The Commonwealth represents a significant international duty for the monarch and her failure to attend represents a major snub.

Prince Charles and the Duchess are due to spend 9 days in India before visiting Sri Lanka, where, alongside their official duties, they will also carry out a programme of official engagements in the country, including a visit to a mental health initiative, a hospital and a tea estate.  It will be the Prince’s third visit to the country, and the Duchess’ first.