Sri Lanka passport one of world’s 10 worst for travel

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The Sri Lankan passport has been ranked as one of the 10 worst in the world for those wishing to travel overseas.  According to the 2013 Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, a global ranking system based on the freedom of travel for countries’ citizens, Sri Lankans face similar restrictions to people from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Eritrea, Palestine, Nepal, the Sudan, Kosovo and the Lebanon.


The index ranks 219 countries, and measures the number of countries and territories that people can visit without needing a visa.  Finland, Sweden and the UK topped the ranking with 173, compared to a pretty measly 32 for Sri Lanka.

Visa restrictions are an important tool for governments to control the movement of foreign nationals across borders,” Henley & Partners said. “Visas are a standard requirement for most countries as certain non-nationals wish to enter their territory.

“Visa requirements are also an indication of the relationship between individual nations and the status of a country within the international community of nations,” it added.

Unfortunately, this would seem to suggest that Sri Lanka’s status in the international community is not especially high.

More detail can be found here.

  • NalakaG

    thersq Nice 2 know #lka passpt in same league as Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Eritrea, Palestine, Nepal, Sudan, Kosovo & Lebanon!

  • NalakaG

    groundviews Travel travails on #lka passport probably don’t apply 2 DPL ppts (ministers, min secretaries, all MPs?) They never care 4 rest!

    • groundviews

      NalakaG Quite right!

  • Shoaib Akthar

    අපිට ආඩම්බර වෙන්න මොන රෙද්දක් වත් නෑ ඇත්තටම 🙂 . හිතං ඉන්නේ හැබැයි මහ ලොකු මිනිස්සු ටිකක් කියල -_- . තුටුටු දෙකේ තඹ සතේකට වැඩක් නැති හැත්තක් ඉන්න comedy country යක් 🙂
    උගත්තුත් ඉන්නවා , හැබැයි උන් රට හැර යනවා 🙂

  • althaf

    but  thy got god..
    jest same funny lanka…

  • Lahiru

    the story is true,,i’ve experienced a few times when transit in the quatar and emirates airports,that those who are in counters for passport checks and immigration treats us very rude and disrespectfuly as soon as they see I am holding a Sri Lankan passport,,it’s not a fault of the government or any other international matter,it’s due to our own peoples mistakes,,when half of the country is washing there toilets in middle east,definitely they treat the rest of the country as there shit cleaners,,no matter in what possition you are or in what class you are living in sri lanka,, people of Sri Lanka should start to build up a dignity for them self and stop going to wash middle east toilets for 200 usd,, there’re a lot of job oppertunities in the island,all you’ve got to do is loosen up the negative thinking and stop listening to the last generation who destroyed and still destroying the good country..try and be proud people no matter you’re rich or poor.

    • Sri Lankan

      Lahiru Seriously ? You are dishing out on the women who currently bring in the most revenue into the country ? If it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be able to live in the so called upper class that you are existing in. You should be ashamed to be talking down about people who are suffering because of the lack of other industries within the country. Seriously come down from your pedestal and your dream land of Sri Lanka.

      • AnthonyMoses

        @Sri Lankan Lahiru wooow man hats off to you….nice answer

    • VishwaHeenthilake

      Lahiru Dude, the reason behind this is not people coming to middle east to wash toilets. the true reason is people going to USA, Italy, France, Australia in fishing boats and crossing borders as refugees. when they get caught they screw the name of sri lanka saying its not safe to live there. 99% of the people in middle east specially house maid’s and labour workers have valid visa’s but how about the people in Europe, Aussie or America?

  • Varathan

    The  nationals from Britain, Sweden and Norway also wash toilets, but they do not travel to middle east to wash toilets since their income are much higher in their countries.  
    The passport issue is due to our own presentation to the world. We need to stand up for injustice, for example in asia and Middle east; the low paid jobs like cutting grass or maid is respected much lower and we accept this as part and partial of our life.
    In Europe we are respected lower because the european think we are not the same level of competence and we  do  nothing to convince otherwise.  This is partially because we are not able to communicate in the same level as the locals.
    The passport has very little to their behavior, all depend on our presentation of ourself to the authorities.
    I have Sri Lankan passport and I need visa´s to travel around but I love my passport and never had problems except I need to plan my trips and get visa´s to enter new destinations.  I agree Visa process can be difficult for Sri Lankan low income citizens, where the same social ranking person from UK can travel without Visa.
    Its all about income, and if we could support our self in our travel destination and the destination will benefit by our movement.

  • Varathan

    Please read about passport:

  • Pissu_dial1

    RoryV_Midwinter unless you are a very famous celebrity or one of the richest persons in the world.. 😉

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  • Vizz

    Sri Lanka is considered as ‘high risk’ country mainly because Sri Lankans are more likely to violate visa conditions either by overstaying, illegal working or claiming asylum. This is the very reason why Sri Lankan passport is not very well respected. I don’t agree with some comments that our passport is treated badly just because cleaning toilets in the middle east. Somebody has to clean toilets and it is part of the job. There are other ‘shitty’ jobs than cleaning toilets like  prostitution. the government must do its part to earn ‘ respect’.

  • Sudarsha

    this is not right, somebody got error in their thinking as usual about Sri Lanka. amazingly some Sri Lankans agree with their perverted idea about Sri Lanka.Who has seen the Good things of Sri Lanka.

  • Patriate

    Guys . what i think is probably this is also western powered  propaganda . I 100% agree that Sri Lanka is a highly corrupted, fucked up country as we have fucking idiots and thugs to run our  country . But u also have to remember as we have very strong president, western world and India try to make us looks bad in every possible way . Sometimes our president also not so cleaver as he criticizes the western powers openly . this must stop . I truly respect him but i wish he can control his bother and son as they r destroying his reputation and the name of the country as both of them r highly corrupted and no very educated .  finally , our passport cannot be that bad guys , no more war in the country . i agree time time few idiots who r politically involved rape tourists and kill boyfriends 🙂  come-on ,  its sri lankan politicians . over 98% of them r fucking idiots or  thugs or thieves or sluts :-)))))))

  • shareenossen

    as a Filipina and married to a Sri Lankan i found it difficult to travel in southeast asia with my husband because of the limitation in his passport. the people of sri lanka doing blue collar job doesnt have anything to do with the passport problem. we dont have to think in ridiculous way. we filipinos are facing the same problem travelling especially in US or UK because they are always thinking that filipinos might run away and stay as an illegal immigrant. citizen from UK, US or Switzerland can travel around the world without any hussle but paying hell lot of money for the taxes when visiting our country. for the benefit of the doubt, Asian are not the only nationalities that cleaning toilets in the middle east. i’ve been working with EU and British nationals and they, themselves admitting the fact that they did housekeeping job aswell because they are paying ridiculously high especially in London where cost of living is horribly expensive. but the thing is we Asian were bargaining the job in a very low cost, why? because we are hardworker. we dont care how many job we do in a day, not caring how long is the duty hours will be as long as they are paying because we are doing the hardwork all for our family which they dont have.

    • shansama

      shareenossen I am also a Sri Lankan, I am going to marry a Filipina. But i have no clear idea about the procedure that I sould follow in order to marry a Filipina. I really appreciate if you can provide me some information about this.
      My email is
      Thanks in Advance.. 🙂

  • yet another sri lankan

    People its not about the passport what matters to get a visa to travel. Its about the honesty and proof that the individual is genuinly be back in their own country after the travel. If you read every bit carefully about obtaining a visa and give them, u will get your visa very easily and you can travel to any country even you have a Sri Lankan passport. I have never had any issue with Sri Lankan passport to travel anywhere.