The Key Differences Between Online Poker and Regular Poker

Poker online is the modern version of poker played via the Internet. Initially it was responsible for a vast increase in the total number of poker enthusiasts around the world. As time passed, poker online sites became a boon to many a beginner poker player because they helped them to practice poker online for real money without going through the stress of actually facing the opponent. Today, with Internet technology further increasing the possibilities for poker online, players can practice poker online for free and sharpen their skills for truly poker gaming fun.

Free Tournaments: Many poker online sites run free tournaments and promotions which can be won by playing real cash games. Free Tournaments are great ways for players to practice without having to risk real cash. In order to qualify for such tournaments, a player needs to sign up and then participate in a number of free games conducted by these poker online sites. Sometimes these tournaments may award players with bonuses as well as free entries into real cash tournaments.

Welcome Bonus: Many poker rooms offer a welcome bonus to new players who sign up. They provide a player with a bonus amount which he or she can use to cover basic bankroll requirements. Some welcome bonuses may be in the form of reduced bankroll requirements to participate in freeroll tournaments. Players thus stand a better chance of winning in freeroll tournaments. A poker room can also give its members a special prize based on the number of welcome bonus points that he or she possesses.

One Table Tournament: One table tournaments are one of the most popular forms of freerolling that are observed at many poker sites. Players need only one table to sit at and play in a game. Thus, it makes for easier communication between players while enjoying a game. There are many different types of one table tournaments that can be found out there. Some of the most common one table tournaments are the elimination, split table, and the cut off table.

No-Limit and Multi-Limit Tournaments: These two kinds of tournaments offer the poker player two ways to play. In a no-limit tournament, a poker player can play either for money or for free. A multi-limit tournament, on the other hand, requires a poker player to play for a set amount of money. These two key differences in the way the main event is played make these two tournaments worth their own column. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so be careful when deciding which one to play.

Frequent Player vs. Free Player Tournaments: Frequent player tournaments are the most common type of tournaments that are played online. They occur every now and then and allow the regular players to test their skills against each other. This is good practice since it enables players to sharpen their playing skills without worrying about investing money into it. The major benefit of frequent player tournaments is that it is a gateway poker for beginners. This allows the beginner poker player to become accustomed to playing online poker before moving up to the more challenging frequent player tables.